Wheat and barley price volatility not seen in three years

Wheat and barley prices are showing price volatility at levels not seen to this extent for three years, both domestically and internationally.     

The 2016/17 harvest saw 10 year lows in grain prices, while the month of June and into July saw a rally of up to 30 per cent.

Pulse industry optimistic about long term prospects

Arriving back from the Pulses 2017 event in Vancouver, Canada, Mr Storey said those in attendance, involved in the industry right across the globe, felt there had been a quantum shift in pulse supply and demand patterns.

“In the long term, up to 2025 and beyond, the outlook is very positive,” Mr Storey said.

“It is a consumer story and about changing behaviours, there is a transformation taking place in the way we think about food and a new focus on health, nutrition, affordability, sustainability, provenance and environment,” he said.

Rebound in red lentils up to Mother Nature

VANCOUVER, B.C. — Red lentil markets are in gridlock, according to a panel of experts gathered at Pulses 2017.

“The Canadian supply may be short, while on the other hand destination markets are full,” said Farhan Adam, chief executive officer with Marina Commodities Inc.

“In short, it’s a standstill situation for Canadian lentils. The future now is in Mother Nature’s hands.”

Dusty wheat fields spell peak for global glut Read

It's finally starting to look like the world wheat glut has peaked.

Dry, hot weather from the US to Europe is taking its toll on crops, and the US government is forecasting global output will fall for the first time in five seasons. The adverse conditions have pushed benchmark futures in Chicago to their best start to a year in a decade, a stark reversal from the previous four years when burdensome supplies dragged down prices.


Australia’s first agricultural streaming company, CommStream Capital, is in a strong position to benefit from the increasing demand from Australian farmers actively seeking growth-orientated finance models to fund expansion, on-farm infrastructure, new technologies, and innovation.

Agricultural Streaming In Australia: CommStream Capital Limited Interview

Today I am speaking with Simon Skerrett, COO and Co-founder of CommStream Capital Limited, Australia's first agricultural streaming company which partners with progressive farmers to provide capital solutions to fund productivity growth and innovation.

With drastic shortages of capital in Australian farming, CommStream leverages its industry expertise and relationships to bring farmers an overdue, innovative financing solution, which drives productivity growth and helps fund generational ownership transfers.